A effect


Can anyone can show me how to make a video like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBLdQ1a4-JI
Thank you !


It’s this man and the sky? Well… I can only help you of you use premiere pro CC.

You need to shoot this man (or whoever is going to be in his place with your version) on a green screen (or blue screen) and bring the clip to premiere, remove the green/blue screen, then have an empty shot of the landscape, and then put the man on the video layer 2 and the landscape on layer 1. Then go again to the man clip’s properties, scale and position it well, and then make the opacity into a mask and mask the edge of the sky and the land, and include the man still inside the mask. In order to do the fade effect, let the other (not the edge of the land) edges of the mask go far away from the man, and put the mask a bit up, so it is still the shape of the land but not touching it. Then increase the feather of the mask.

I hope you understood, it worked, and that you use premiere pro CC.