Camera and other equipment needed for beginner filmmakers


Hello am a beginner filmmaker from Ghana, currently using my mobile phone to shoot.
I would like to know which Camera and other equipment would be best for a beginner like me.


Depends on how much money you have to spend. I suggest buy a camera and a tripod/monopod to get started. Then get more stuff as time goes.

For the specific camera model, you should do your own research. Look between multiple manufacturers (like Canon, Sony, Nikon). Look at the specs: resolution, maximum frames per second and other. Think what you’ll use it for. (Example: if you make for example tricks on a trampoline, maybe look for many frames per second, so you can do slow motion)

About resolution: you’ll be fine with 720p, unless you do digital zooming, but I recommend 1080p camera, or if you wanna get “pro” gear, then go for 4K.

I hope that helps you a bit :grin:


Thanks A Lot. When it comes to Camera which would you suggest for a student friendly budget?