Can i have Some Help Please


Hey Cinecom Team!

I need some help with the following stuff.
Some of these editing stuff doesn’t have to be on premier but can also be on after effects. This is what I need help with if you know how to…

A barrier that surrounds a piece of land - inspiration from Infinity War Battle Of Wakanda

I would also like to know how like in the movie matrix make the object being thrown or shot be in slo motion while it flies past me.

Make your skin glow like you drank a potion that gave you protection.

(if you can’t do this it’s ok) - Make water fly out of a lake.

These effects would really help me. Hope you can help!


Hi Stama-Rama

For the barrier I would recommend searching on YouTube for videos like “force field after effects tutorial”. For the matrix you could use this tutorial of us where we recreate something similar ( The effect for glowing skin you can recreate this by masking out the part of the body that needs to glow up and adding a glow effect. The flying water effect is best created with some 3D software.


Thank you so much!
Love your videos!