Copy Cat Friday Brainstorm


Hi Everyone,

For Copy Cat, we’re always looking for new trends or creative effect from popular films. If you have a suggestion or saw something cool passing by, let us know here!


How to do the crazy picture lighting effect in the music video ‘sick boy’

Here is the link:


Can you do the desintegration effect from Infinity War I’ve seen some on youtube, but I’m not satisfied with the end results… just wondering if there’s a better or easier way to do it.


In Axwell Ingrosso - Sun is shining music video, there are some scenes with a lot of small paper pieces flying around the girl. How was it made?


Was this this video you’ve seen: ?
It’s actually done quite okay I believe. Here’s another disintegration effect tutorial:


Hey Jordy can you and your team can recreate this trailer from legion? It would be nice if you and your team can do it. Thanks in advance and BTW congrats on the 500K Milestone! Keep going! (Link:
-Martin Go(Philippines)


I was just looking at it! Love that effect :smiley: We already got an idea for this Friday, but maybe it’s something for next week!


Can’t wait for you and your team to do it! :heart::heart:


Thanks Jordy for the response… looking forward on your next video :grin:


Dear Jordy,
I wanna jump like this man at 1:27
Also there is a water scene at 0:39, and let me tell you, that looked so good, even for fake water, or was it real?


Love that idea! It’s probably done with cables though. In post they remove the wires. As for the water, I’m not sure. Could be real (rotating bus in a pool) or with CGI. Water can be created very realistic in CGI.


Nice deduction!
Maybe, I can do that cables part without the cables, not by risking my life, but,
Placing a camera on the ground and jump over it, and take that part and mix with a footage high up in the air.

As for the bus in the pool, Since I neither have access to both of them, I’ll have to sit on my chair and roto out myself and then recreate the whole scene with 3d and or stock footage and then composite myself into the shot.

Now that I’ve stated it, I feel that I might be able to do this!

but how do I catch the ledge of the building like in the movie ? Compositing on stock footage basically ?


There’s actually a wire removal tool in AE, which makes it quite easy.

That building shot is composited (set extensions). It’s just a ledge with a greenscreen underneath, then the floor and city is added afterwards.

I’d love to see your end result!


Thanks, that hyped me up. Will do everything I can! Gonna start with the story board now!


COPYCAT Friday idea!!! Can you please do a premiere tutorial on how to have your clone characters walk/dance around each other going from one side of the frame to the other like in Orphan Black? My characters, when I edit, one disappears because of the crop effect so I would love to see how Cinecom would create this effect so both/all characters are still visible! With the Orphan Black scene there’s camera movement but maybe try it without the movement since I’m guessing the show used a really expensive rig to pull that off. I’m a one person show and crew so I’m thinking I might always have to have a locked down static shot and possibly add in camera movement in post if need be. What are your thoughts?! Orphan Black example:


Hey Jordy try to remake the Solo : A star wars story cinematic grading.It really interesting in the snow fight scene.:smiley:




I’m currently planing on a music video having 90’s r&b style and pumped on this in reddit.
and here’s a challenge for you.:

how to replicate the 90’s music video look with present day DSRL cameras. sounds dope? a lot dreamy like footage high contrasts but really unique look that was popular in mid to late 90’s.

I’m myself a fan of 90’s hiphop & r&b so my references are around
Blackstreet - don’t leave me
boys II men - waters run dry
2pac - I ain’t mad at cha
etc etc etc.
you name it

These videos have all common features in the look, like the videos mentioned in reddit topic. So I’d like to challenge you to replicate the 90’s style, throw back thursday for copycat friday? how does that sound? haha. Frame crop is not really necessary because a lot of those old videos been transformed to HD nowadays if the labels have the original videos safe. But the style. :hugs:


I’ve seen alot of amazing stuffs in the latest music videos of Hillsong Y&F.

I hope I could learn from you how to do their techniques in this MV (especially the suspended in the air scene and the sketch overlays)


Hi Jordy, Yannick and Lorenzo! For the next Copycat Friday , could you explain how this water effect thing is done? I’ve watched it a thousand times but can’t really figure it out ! And yes it’s KPOP again heheh :smiley:
Effect shows at 2:24 !