Copy Cat Friday Brainstorm


HI, I Want To Make This Ahhhh Meme
here is the link :
Can you show me how to do it plz

#23 this is trending! Can you create it?


That’s really cool! Not sure yet how to do it without that lens though :thinking:


Can anyone tell me how this is done :point_right::point_right:
If possible please make a video on this on Copycat Friday.:cat2::cat2:


Would it be possible to shoot a music video like Watsky - Don’t Be Nice, without a a robotic arm?


Hey Jordy,

I have already sent in a request but you haven’t replied.
This is my ideas.

A barrier around an area like Infinity War - Battle of Wakanda
Like in the movie Matrix when the bullets fly past him.

This would really help and I am a big fan.


You could put the sign up where you want the moving man, put a green screen on it with a marker on it (red or colour other than green screen colour on it) Film what you want in the sign and Ultra key the green away, track the camera and use the red marker on it. Make the film you want on the poster move with the tracking point.