Download Problem


Hey Guys,
i wanted to download the Simple Title pack, but it (the download) didn’t worked (subscribed with email pressed Suscribe and Download) but the side just reloaded … and nothing happend… (with other packs as well)

Anyone any idea ?

Thx for your help


I am facing the same problem here.


Same problem here
why ?


Same problem on my side


That’s strange because here it works. Could you try another browser to see if it works?


I just saw your message and tried again on the same browser (chrome) and it worked.
I don’t know what happened but it worked!



I’m having the same problem described above. I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I’ve also tried enabling pop ups, and changing DNS. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?


Same problem, i tried to download “ULTIMATE EARTHQUAKE – Preset Pack for Premiere Pro” and nothing happen…


I’m facing the same problem too, and I am using Chrome, and Firefox, both don’t seem to work


Yep, not working… did anyone find a solution?


I don’t know if this will help but try deleting the cache of the browser. Here it still works perfect for me.


i got a message saying “Mailchimp API key not set” after the site reloads


We looked into the problem and fixed it. You should be able to download now.