Editing prgrammes: What's Your poison?


Hi guys.
First, this site is a great initiative, Jordy. Well done for launching it!

I’m not looking to start a debate about which one is best or not, but I’d be interested to know if you all use Adobe Pr and Ae or other packages and if you do use another package, how steep is the learning curve? I’ve used Adobe CS (and now CC), since CS4. Before Pr, I learnt editing using Ulead’s VideoStudio (a consumer package) and then Media Studio Pro. MSP was a great package and I’d probably still be with it, but Ulead sold out to Corel and MSP was subsumed into VideoStudio, which was very much a consumer programme at that stage.

At the end of the day, I like to keep my eyes open on what else is out there in case Adobe become untenable and I need to jump ship quickly (well, they are more known for monetisation than great customer relations…)



Thanks Graham,

I don’t think Adobe will give up so quickly on their programs :slight_smile: Premiere Pro for instance has a good reputation and a long way ahead of itself.

Most of the professional programs also look a bit a like. If you know how Premiere Pro works, you would be able to transition pretty fast to Davinci for example.


Thanks, Jordy. I agree Pr is advanced and will roll on. I have no plans to jump ship. Their integrated programmes are a big help to work flows. I’m just interested in other options in case of one dodgy customer decisions too many; like the Dolby license issue or an upgrade that suddenly doesn’t support particular hardware. Other than that their programmes are really good.


Hi my name is Prince Ajayi from Lagos, Nigeria.
Tho I started with VIDEO PAD, then I moved to COREL VIDEO, and now permanently in premier pro…which feels like the best to me.


I was considering getting Sony Vegas before I got premiere pro. Sony Vegas is pretty good but its not as User friendly as Adobe products.Sony Vegas is a compositing and editing software so u don’t have to use the dynamic link. but Sony Vegas is TOO expensive.Im just gonna stick to Premiere Pro.:smiley: