Fake water/Green Screened in water


With this video from 00:05 - 00:08 is fascinating to me, not because they clearly made a fake island as well as the water, but the way in which the camera appears to be ‘in’ the water as if the cam operator were out at quite some distance on a dingy. The water comes above far up, the waves are choppy and unforgiving…just how did they create this composite? Was it in something perhaps more sophisticated than After Effects?
Also - and this is what drew me to this video (I saw the ‘Making Of…’ when this song was out and between 02:53 and 03:14 the group are in a raft in what is a hellish storm (but of course when I was maybe 10/11 I was fascinated to see what was a relatively small pool and a blue screen with fans and poor runners (is this exclusively a British term for people who basically do all the dirty work on Film/video sets?) having to use paddles to make the water in the pool look choppy. Of course there are obvious discrepancies between the ocean behind them and the pool watching it as I am older. I just wondered how to go about doing this on a low budget…and if anyone has done anything similar? Water is really something I find myself drawn to as a filmmaker.
Thanks very much in advance for any advice or stories you have! :grinning: :grinning:


P.S. Sorry if you are not a fan of this song and you still stuck around to take a look and try help me me.out. I am very appreciative. Also, I should have mentioned that growing up we had one of those giant above ground pools and so that would be what I would use if I was to do something like this.


Hello Knowledgeseeker,

The first shot you mentioned you can easily recreate. Just hold a waterproof camera (Go Pro) semi underwater and then in compositing (after Effects) you can track you camera movement and link footage from an island behind it. Of course you need to rotoscoop the background out of you underwater footage, which can take a while. So I would recommend setting up a green screen (or green board) at the surface of you water and then film under water. This will make it much easier for you in post production.

As for the lifeboat effect, you should definitely check out this weeks Copy Cat. We are doing something with water that can help you with achieving this effect.


First off thank you so much for replying. I know you must be super busy. Your YouTube channel (I haven’t really explored the site yet but I can’t wait) is [resisting urge not to swear] brilliant. It’s what I’ve been looking for! I am definitely going to put the green screen behind the GoPro in water to advice to good use!
That’s a lucky coincidence! I can’t wait to see what you guys do! I eagerly await!!! :grinning: :grinning: