Film Making with iphone


Now a days smartphones have a really nice and Hd camera. the dslr cameras are really very expensive everybody can not afford dslr camera so how can we make a great and cinematic video using our mobile phones? Iphones have great real camera why dont film makers use smartphones for film making?


Iphones are less cinematic than a cinema camera


Iphones are good for casual recording but they are not very good at displaying detail and colors that are needed for a professional film, iphones also lack the professional controls that are needed in more higher end productions

Iphones also cannot be used with other lenses, cinematographers use a variety of lenses to convey different atmospheres and colors to the audience, and its just something you cant do with a regular iphone camera

Although films such as UNSANE are able to shoot an entire film using only an iphone 6, most of the industry relies on cameras that are more reliable and offer more options for the ones who are using it