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Hai thanks for having this channel for me to ask some question. Actualy im not very good in english. However since ur channel is one of the best channel that i found for video maker i try my best to understand and try to learn more in english. Im learn a lot frm your channel and started to make my own video. However 1 thing tat keep bordering me is how can i set up my lens so tat it wont focus on certain area. For your information im using nikon 1.8 35mm len. How can i make the len focus for entire area even i move the camera to the fron and back it wont have blur footage? What set up should i do?. For example like vloging…i have no idea what should i do…


Hi tony! The nikon 35 f/1.8 has a switch that disables/enables the autofocusing system, toggle the switch to “M/A” to enable autofocus, you should find this switch quite easily as its the only switch in the lens

When vlogging, you should half press the shutter button (the button you press to take photo) to keep your footage in focus

Hope this helps!


Thanks for ur info Maikxchd. Tiz really a super life saver. .:grinning: