How i can get internship


I am working on after effects but not the expert in that i just learned from youtube and apply that tutorial in my videos but i want to work more and more in this field.

I am from Rajasthan, India. i am watching tutorials on movie making from last 2 years i have created some videos the footage was not my but i edit and apply some VFX on it.
I have completed my in computer science and i have developed some android and other application. Now i want to create my future in this field my some videos are :-

know i have placed in one technical company as an IOS developer. from next month i have to join that company because i don’t have any option but trust me i am not happy because i want to be become a videographer create some awesome footage but i don’t have money and thats why i started learning this software development technics.

soo please guide me what should i do know i am trapped in such kind of situation.


Hi Nikhil,

I’m sorry to hear the position you’re in. I would always say; follow your dreams. But it has to be practical too. You need to earn money to survive of course.

See if you can get more experience making videos after your work hours. Try to collaborate with friends to make a short movie and learn new things.

Often you can get an internship quite easily at the bigger production companies. In the beginning it might just be making the coffee, but it already gives you a view inside. Along the way you can work your way up.

It really needs time and gaining more experience. I’ve been making videos for about 12 years and it’s only since about 2 years ago that my career has taken off.

I hope this helps.


Thank you so much Jordy for your guidance it means a lot to me.
Now i will work harder and whenever i get free time i will make short videos.
I want to say that today was the first day i have seen your videos and from the morning i cant stop my self to watch all the videos you are doing great workmen.
Keep it up.

and once again thank you jordy :blush::blush::blush: