Importing .crm file format to after effects


** Please can you tell me how I can import Cannon c200 Raw files (.CRM FORMAT) to after effects.**


You should be just able to important them like a normal video clip. If not, make sure you don’t have too old version of After Effects.

At least adobe says it would be supported:


I have adobe after effect cc 2018 , the latest version but it dosen’t work .


Could you check if you can import any other video formats?
If you own premiere pro CC, could you try to import it there, and doors that work?

If not working:
I could check the issue later myself. I would need to get a .CRM file first. Could you shoot a little clip of just something and upload it to Dropbox or Google drive and give a link?


Ya surely, Give me your mail I’d . I will send you the .CRM File.