Iron Man


Hi Jordy can you make a video about how to create the iron man suit up in after effects please. Please answer as soon as possible


Hi Kevin,

That’s pretty complex. It involves some 3D and advanced stuff in After Effects. I’m afraid it also goes beyond my skills.

What you can try is film yourself without a suit and then with a suit. See if you can animate a mask over that so that it seems like you transition into the suit. You will need to stand very still.

With some light effects, etc. you can add some more dynamic to the transition.

I hope this helps!


I have a vision how you could (possibly) do it. Get a green screen suit (but if you use green screen in the background, you have to use blue screen suit.

So first, put some tracking marks to your suit.
Then in AE try to get the tracking data of your suit, and stretch a 3D model hovering in front of your suit, and then fix it into the suit. I am not sure will it work, and how to do it in AE really, because I never really learned AE, but that’s my idea how to do it.


** Please can you tell me how I can import Cannon c200 Raw files (.CRM FORMAT) to after effects.**


He Jordy,

I sent a request called a few special effects.

Please reply.