Laptop for after effects etc?


Hi! I’m Casper and I passed my exam today. I am going to the mbo in the next year and will follow a study for animation etc. With after effects and illustrator. That kinda stuff. Now, I need a good laptop for this. Does anyone have suggestions for a good laptop for this job? Thx for your help,


Hi Casper,

Usually the schools have some recommendations. I would first ask for their opinion.
Since the laptop technology changes to rapidly, I wouldn’t know which one to recommend without doing any research.

I bought the HP Omen a year back as a strong office laptop. It can handle small edits and was back then one of the most powerful laptops for its price. But since I work mainly on a desktop, it didn’t had to be so powerful for me.


There are a lot of great options, and everything totally depends on your budget. But, I’ll have a few tips, regardless of what you want to get.
Never get a laptop with an AMD processor and AMD graphics!. It outright sucks!. Very low performance.

Always get a laptop with Intel Processor and only NVdia graphics cards. Doesn’t have to be a beast, but Nvdia has Cuda technology, used in Premiere and after effects.

And finally before you buy any specific laptop that you saw in the store, get its specs and search for those specs on the internet.
For eg, If you get Nvdia card GTX1060 or something, come up to the internet and search for public opinion, see if people had good reviews for that card, or any component that you have in that device.
See if it is the latest version! You also have apps that can check the performance of your card. If you store allows you to install any benchmark apps on the sample laptops, do it and compare the results before buying!

Good luck!


I think i would like to disagree

AMD cards, especially the 480-580 cards are extremely powerful for productivity, even performing respectably to a full fat gtx 1080 for half the price, it may be a different story in gaming, but thats my experience.

Couple that with the price of radeon cards that are cheaper and have more bang for the buck, i think if you can get a laptop with an rx 480/580 in it, i think it would be a good value

AMD CPUs are also great in value, considering for the price of a 4 core intel chip is the same as an 8 core AMD (we all know how core hungry these productivity apps can go)

But as jordy said, i think you should ask your campus for suggestions


I have AMD in my current pc and it’s good for now but not for next year. But these weren’t as expensive as Intel etc


Does your school have some recommendations? Or minimum system requirements for a school laptop?

I suggest you look into the Dell Inspiron 7577, with an i7 and a GTX 1060 coupled with 16GB of RAM for $1000 i think it would be suitable for you. I know im like contradicting myself with the previous statement, but this laptop must be one of the best performance to cost ratio. The only downside is probably the monitor, im sure you can live with less than 60% coverage of AdobeRGB.

There is also a 4K version with a higher AdobeRGB coverage, if you need it


Intel i5 processor
8GB ram, 256GB HD bij voorkeur SSD
WiFi met 802.11ac
minimal Windows 8.1 of MAC OS X 10.12 Sierra
But I want 16 gb ram and an SSD
I will look into your suggestion tho


to me if you’re choosing after effects, make sure you get a good GPU as AE is very demanding on VRAM and GPU capabilities

Good luck on the search for a laptop tho!


You can use Nvidia graphics card with an i7 processor, You can use Fast performing SSD and a good gaming mouse with any keyboard. Hp gaming laptop touchpad is not good because of hp touchpad not working