Looking to purchese a custom intro


Hello jordy , Do you take on custom design projects ? As i was looking to purchese a custom intro and outro for my youtube channel !!! Kinda like yours but a gaming themed !!!


Jordy stopped working for clients :frowning: You should just go on YouTube and search for a gaming intro. Those guys make them for 5$!


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I think there are a lot of platforms, where you can buy custom intros. If you looking for a low-cost deal, I would recommend you to check out Fiverr where people make intros for $5. If you want to spend more, I would also recommend RenderForest. If you are looking for free intros, there is a website called Velosofy where you can get some free intros.

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Good luck!



I would love to make a friend a intro for free, when I’m bored, but I suck with making intros.