Making video like Macro Room


Hello Cinecom
i love cinecom channel and i also love macro room channel to. They uploaded on november new amazing video. Link: /watch?v=wKWjAz5WwKA

How can i footage like this?

I have GH5 Panasonic and i like try to make almost the same video like macro room (last video) . Which macro Lenses i need? Which effect they use? I have really no idea:) but i have very big interest for make the same macro shoots.

Can somebody help me or show me a tutorial how to make it? Looks really amazing beautiful:)

Thanks and sorry for my bad english i am from Germany:)


In this video they used the laowa 24mm probe lens. The part where your inside the items is done with this lens but when you leave the object they switched to a normal lens and just pasted those 2 shot behind eachother.