No Proper Equipments/Low-Budget Film


Hey Cinecom, Any suggestions, Tips & Tricks, Advice to other aspiring amateur film makers that have no proper equipments and low budget?


Many people go into filmmaking thinking that they need some fancy gear, but all you really need to get started is a little bit of creativity

For example, for one of my first ever projects i used a desk lamp with a piece of blank paper infront of it as a soft light

Another good example, my friend made his first indie film for a highschool film festival using a beaten up 5 year old nikon DSLR with a manual focusing vintage lens he bought on a thrift store

Sure you need good equipment to tell a good story, but you dont need fancy stuff, it will only complicate things

To me the greatest advice is, never think about the equipment. If you have a story just go out there and tell it, whether you choose to record it on an Iphone 5 or an expensive RED camera.


So, everyone: don’t get too jealous to people with good equipment. They all started with bad cameras, I mean… Like phone cameras or other bad cameras. I want to point out that I didn’t mean that phone cameras are bad. They sometimes beat your DSLR.


Great points here!

My first camera was an old DV camcorder. I used it for about 7 years and shot a ton of videos with it. I took the possibilities of that camera to the extreme and learned a ton.


Cameras, cameras this and cameras that!
When I started, I thought my phone camera was crap! I can’t use it to do anything. It was bad.
But then I thought if I had to start somewhere, either I got to buy an expensive, fancy camera or
shoot with what I have.
Many people have the luxury of having a budget, I did not have a budget.
So I went into my phone camera and discovered all the options and settings it gave me. It had stabilization controls, and manual exposure and white balance.

Exposure and white balance are the two basic things you will need in a camera to shoot your stuff.

Unless you have a really bad lens, or scratches on your lens like I did, so my work was more crap, but all of that adds to a learning curve and you will be glad you got to experience that. When in the future you get a DSLR, which you will, I hope! you won’t have to learn everything from scratch, You already know a few things, exposure, focus, brightness, saturation, white balance. Only a little few things come to your way like Shutter speed, ISO, which is confusing at first, but if your phone has those now and they are in newer phones, its possible, you will be a master even before you get a DSLR. Your camera will become just a tool, rather than a path!

Go luke!