Norway + drone + camera? Tips?


So… I am going on a trip to Norway soon. I am not sure would I take my drone, because as much as I just studied the law for last 3 minutes, I can’t fly near buildings or stuff…

The trip is supposed to be just a funny vacation for our family, not a filming trip, but I still want to film there, and get cool footage. (I dunno why)

So… Any tips? Where should I go?

Also, if anyone has knowledge of transporting drones in an airplane, that would be helpful too. (Probably gotta ask the customer service)


ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Drone must be 150m away from buildings, people and traffic.

I cannot imagine living with that. Anyway, not gonna take the drone then.

And the airplane company customer service said that I can take a drone with me.

I just gotta deal phone camera then (not enough space to take DSLR)


Hi my name is Kevin. I think that a camera would be fine and enough. But if you decide to take a drone or any other type of technology which includes a camera do what ever you want. Because I think that if you take a drone with you you might eventually lose it because of the buildings. So the best choice is the camera ok :+1::+1:. But do whatever you want I am just giving you information hope you have a safe trip​:wink::wink::smiley: