Pooh Bear Live Action Effect Request


Howdy! I’m making a prom video for my girlfriend of 4 years, I was thinking of making her favorite character like Winnie the pooh tell me what love is. Is there any way I could make an effect that makes Pooh bear feel more alive like in the live action? Also how the flip did they do this! Thank you!


I assume from this video that they did the big movements of pooh in real life by moving the puppet around (as seen at 2:27). The facial expression is done in a program like aftereffects. You can track the face and make his eyes and mouth move.


Hey thanks man! I tried to do just that and heres my practice run https://youtu.be/6hSZjIhKn9A

Any idea how to make his eyes and mouth move? I was looking around and it seems the only way to do so it to fork up money to buy a program called mochimportplus. Any free way or am i gonna have to start doing some lawn service?


I would track his face with after effect so you have the movement of the bears face. Next paint away his original eyes and mouth, you can do this by taking a piece of his fur and placing it over the eyes and mouth. Now you can create a mouth and eyes in after effect and animate them to match what you want the bear to do.