Repeat the same photo perspective at different season


I would like to make photo with the same perspective but at different season (winter, spring, summer)
Is there any tips to set my cammera at the same possition perspective?
I cant mark possition on the ground because my tripod stand at grass :slight_smile:
I ve try to find some app like magic lathern do (ghost image) but cant find it :frowning:
Is there any app to make overlay the last photo at opacitty for example 50%?
I could connect with my a6500 via android app and operate it.
Please help


If you would have the chance to mark down the position, it would be the easiest way to just mark the tripod leg positions.

If you are near any structures or trees, look for a spot where to shoot from and:
Option 1: use a monopod with little legs in the end, and put the monopod right next to a tree or some structure (in a corner or something else)
Option 2: use a tripod and lay the legs (2 or 3) to rememberable positions like touching a fence corner, or a big Rock’s weird hole or something like that.

Look your camera rotation that it would be pointing towards a big rock or get a big rock next to the area you shoot, so it won’t be visible in the shot, but you could rotate the camera, so the rock is in the edge of the shot.

then just write down your position (or take a photo with a phone etc.) zoom and some other values that you use in the 1st season, so that your image won’t be too different in the 2nd time.

Then just try to remember the position of the 1st shot when you come back to shoot the 2nd season.

You can also check out my little sketch I made for you real quick, to make it more simple to understand:

You can also do a little bit of fixing the shot in post. In premiere or after effects (not sure is it only the creative cloud of premiere) you can use basic 3D effect to make the position/rotation a bit better if you did a mistake while shooting.