Should i buy a cheaper camera or rent a good ones?


I have a budget about 1000$ I don’t really know how much a exchange rate difference matters.

I want to buy gh5s. which many of my friends say it is too expensive.

So should i rent it or wait till i have the money or buy a cheaper one??

And I’m new to camera things. Just started cinecom courses on Skillshare. But, want to be serious in cinematography industry.
*Sorry, bad english


when you are starting out, it’s always best to buy a low to mid-range camera and learn the in’s and out’s of that camera. familiarize yourself with that camera and you’ll achieve better results than a guy who doesn’t know about anything in cinematography with a million dollar camera.

when you can get more professional jobs, you can buy/upgrade your gear. or rent cameras such as REDs and other stuff. but if you’re just starting out its better to start small. don’t be intimidated by bigger cameras because the truth is cameras these days are so good that it doesnt really matter anymore.

focus on the content, not the equipment.