"Stay Creative" Shirt Print Placement Too Low


Hi, guys. I want you to know about your “Stay Creative” shirt ordered from Threadless. The print is too low on the shirt and looks really weird. Here is a comparison of Jordy wearing the shirt and the one I received. Just thought you should know what you are wearing does not match what Threadless is selling.



Hi cessers,

First of all my apologies! This is indeed not how it should. Fortunately Threadless has very good customer support and will be happy to send you a new T-shirt.

Since I’d like to know how this is possible in the first place, I’ll contact Threadless support myself en put you in CC.

Can you send your order ID to support@cinecom.net?



Hi, Jordy.


Thanks for the reply,


Thanks Charlie,

I got your email. I’m going to contact Threadless right now to ask what’s going on.
Honestly it’s not the first time there’s been an issue, so I’m thinking of switching to a different printing service.

Luckily they did refund your order. I’ll keep you updated over email!