The Mummy 2017 Eyes


Hello Cinecom :grinning:
I would realy like to see how they done eyes in The Mummy 2017 movie. I realy want to do it for myself, but i need a little guide.
So if one day you can do it in copycat friday, I’ll be very pleased :grinning:

Thanks a lot


Could you provide a clip of the effect you would like to create?


Yes, of course. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:
Video 1


To create this I would track the face of the person to make sure the eyes move together with the head. After this I would remove the original pupils of the person and replace them with a picture of it. To animate the eye from going from 1 pupil to another I would put a smaller picture of the pupil behind the other and animate it to the other side. And to top it of play around with the masks to blend the pupils into eachother.


oh my god lorenzo you really impressed me budd