Time remapping in after effects


Hey I was using time remapping to lip sync my cartoon avatar’s with a couple cartoon mouths I found on the internet.But every time I switch mouths.It cycles through all the mouths creating a crazy effect.Ill just give a bit more info.I kept my cartoon mouth poses (Basically lip movements for sounds like FF or T) on different frames.I went into my main composition and I changed the frame of time remapping according to the sound which I get from my audio


Not sure I completely understand. Could you upload an example?


Ill just explain a bit more clearly.I imported some art I drew in photoshop as a comp and I started to animate my drawing.I finished all the body animations(like hands rotating or the body moving). I imported some Audio I recorded and edited in Adobe audition.I had to lip sync the audio to lip movements on the character so I created a photoshop file of lip positions based on the sound (FFF,SH,J) they make, for example in the word “Hello” I would have to lip sync the E,L and O mouth movements.So I imported the photoshop file as a pre comp and I placed my 14 lip sync movements at 14 different frames in the pre comp.I went back to my comp and I applied the time remapping effect so I could change the frame according to the audio playing. I found a problem here as every time I would change the frame for time remapping the time remapping would cycle through all the frames in the pre comp.

I found a temporary solution.I kept the frames between 2 mouth poses constant and I would place a different mouth pose at the next frame creating a cut.But this is extremely time taking.

I’m sorry if I cant explain it right. I cant upload the file. So I have to stick to explaining


I found a video example.Here it is

The first few seconds show what I’m trying to do