Transição de imagem


Eu gostaria de entender o processo de transição de uma imagem a outra com movimento de câmera, com o primeiro plano sem cortes, como no exemplo nos minutos 2:30 a 2:40 desse vídeo:


Chroma Key e 3D? Mas seria possível fazerm uma transição dessas sem o uso de 3D?
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I would like to understand the process of transition from one image to another with camera movement, with the foreground uncut, as in the example in minutes 2:30 to 2:40 of this video:

Transition 2

Chroma Key and 3D? But would it be possible to make such a transition without the use of 3D?
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@Jordy Google Translate it!


There’re a few ways to pull this off. The most accessible way for us would be on a tripod with a greenscreen.

Film wide enough in the highest resolution you can. Then you key yourself out, add two background which fade over into each other and animate the whole camera movement.

In After Effects you can animate this in a 3D space, which makes it easier and more natural. If you’re not familiar with that, you can manually animate the position and scale of both the background and foreground subject in Premiere Pro.

You do need to try to get the optics right (foreground & background movement)


Sorry for not translating, I got confused when it came to translate! :wink:
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