Worklflow in General


Hey Guys,

you recently posted a video on Color Grading Workflow. I just started to work more in Premiere Pro, since I never really had the need to use it, I was way more into Photoshop & InDesign. However, I would be really thrilled to get some tips on how to improve workflow in Premiere Pro, or is there probably even a common way everybody follows?

For example:

We recently had a business trip to the US and I shot quite a lot footage. I would be interessted in what is the most common or the best way to not only bring everything into order, but what are the best steps working in PP. Should I start to make a rough arrangement before going into any kind of effect-work, or do I have to process all the single clips first, before start using them to save performance. My feeling is, that I lose too much valuable time in my working process…

I think you got my point. Sadly I have nobody in my circle of friends who I could ask, and when this is not the right place for it, hell then I don´t really know :wink:

Thank you guys in advance, I´m looking forward to what I get out of this topic!